Record Highlight — John Calvin Abney

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"Dark Horse Army", single from "Better Luck" LP available now on Bandcamp!

John Calvin Abney will be touring with the Damn Quails starting January 2, and promoting his new LP – Better Luck (available January 25).  You can catch the first single from the LP now.  Better Luck was recorded in 9 days at Tiny Telephone, San Francisco, California, from April 28 – May 6, 2014.  Watch as additional tour dates are announed at


Record Highlight — Surachai

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As a response to the deluxe presentation of Ritual and because Form Volume II wasn’t supposed to exist, Surachai decided to keep the theme of non-existence with the vinyl and artwork by calling it the Void Presentation. Firstly: there is no artwork. The vinyl is clear and with no center sticker making it an entirely transparent vinyl record. The transparent information card was manufactured by Offbeat Press and the reference I gave them was the winning ticket to Fhloston Paradise from The Fifth Element. The clear jacket is also clear and originally intended for picture discs. If you’re not looking for this album, you’re not going to find it – basically its a marketing nightmare.  Limited to 250 units.


Record Highlight — William Elliot Whitmore

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"Early Years" Box Set of three 180 gram Vinyl Records (with download codes and handwritten postcard) Contains re-recorded versions of Hymns for the Hopeless, Ashes to Dust and Song of the Blackbird. Limited Edition of 500.

William Elliot Whitmore’s The Early Years box set includes “Hymns for the Hopeless”, “Ashes to Dust”, and “Song of the Blackbird” each on 180 gram vinyl, re-recorded and re-mastered as faithfully as possible for your listening pleasure. The set includes download codes for all 3 albums and a signed post card.  You can purchase it from William Elliot Whitmore’s website now!


Record Highlight — Fognode

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Image of Fognode - Beat Hollow (reissue)

Beat Hollow Records was born in 2014, and so it seems fitting that they reissued Fognode’s 2011 album Beat Hollow.  The record is available as a 100-copy limited hand-numbered pressing now, so be sure to act fast if you want it!


Record Highlight — Matthew Mullane

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VDSQ Records is proud to release the second album by Matthew Mullane —  Hut Variations. Among the more revelatory contemporary guitarists, Mullane’s new album is a further progression in terms of technique, composition and performance. Limited edition of 500 copies in heavy stock, spot-gloss jackets.  Order now from Vin Du Select Qualitite.


Record Highlight — Playing For Change 3

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Playing For Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music.

The album features performances from Keith Richards, Sara Bareilles, Andres Calamaro, Toots Hibbert from Toots & The Maytals, Cesar Rosas and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Keb Mo, and Taj Mahal in addition to a song produced by Jackson Browne.  The very limited edition vinyl version includes vinyl-only bonus tracks “Clandestino” featuring Manu Chao and “United”.  Don’t wait too long to order, because it is very limited.


Record Highlight — Sungod

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Sungod (HD027) cover art

Sungod approach their work with a purposeful disregard for chronological and geographic borders alike, devoid of any fixed time or point of origin. Touching on the modern and the classic, Sungod‘s five expansive tracks offer a series of portals into the past while maintaining a contemporary progressive sound. With a new line-up of auxiliary musicians contributing to the exploration of a full-spectrum of sonic planes, Sungod covers enough ground to hold a mirror up to infinity and find the inner frontiers of the self in its reflection. The Austin duo’s eponymous LP perpetuates the timeless elements of many experimental musics while further refining a craft that is wholly their own.

The core of Sungod is made up of Michael Sharp and Braden Balentine, who record out of their shared home studio with a rotating cast of like minded musicians from Austin’s fertile underground music scene. While incorporating an ever-broadening inventory of influences, the band’s methodical arrangements and layers of meditative repetition hearken back to 70’s Krautrock, which serves as a solid foundation for further ventures into both burgeoning and antiquated realms. Polyrhythmic drums and arpeggiated synthesizers propel much of Sungod‘s procession forward, sitting in total harmony with acoustically-oriented pieces that concisely imbue a compensatory calm to the album’s potent, high velocity moments. Initially composed around an awe-inspiring single-take drum performance by Michael Sharp, Shiftless en Nkawkaw is supported with additional vocals by a pair of Sharp’s coworkers who jumped onto an impromptu recording session after a shift together, chorusing between psychoactivated guitar solos and fully engrossing flute melodies. Ample contributions from flutist Kristine Reaume as well as bassist Alex Hughes help to make Sungod’s latest LP an exponent in this era of the band’s cosmology. However, the epic closing track L’âme de toute étoile strips back down to Sharp and Balentine, proficiently exhibiting their command of drums, guitar, and synth in one of their most elemental works to date.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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If you are out and about this weekend (Black Friday / Small Business Saturday), be sure to hit up your local indie record store to grab some of these titles pressed at GGR for RSD/Black Friday this year!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Velvet Underground — Live MCMXCIII

Afghan Whigs — Gentlemen At 21

 Jade — Faces of Jade

Prawn – Settled 7 inch


Record Highlight — Faces of Jade

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Faces of Jade is a tough-to-find Cincinnati-area nugget from 1971. It is one of the most highly sought-after “Beatles-Impact” records among psych, power-pop and Beatles collectors. After a bit of sleuthing we tracked down the members and are proud to give a proper and awesome-sounding vinyl reissue of their sole pop-psych / Revolver-esque classic. The initial press of 500 will be pressed on “Jade Green” wax. The LP will be available from Shake-It Records starting Black Friday Nov. 28th, and we will start shipping the following week.


Holiday Message

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Gotta Groove Vinyl Record Pressing

Thank you.

As we close out our 5th year in business, we want first and foremost to extend this message of THANKS to our customers.  It’s hard to believe that only five years ago we struggled to ship our first order of 100 records out over the course of several weeks, and now we are processing 60-70,000 records per month.  We could not have grown to this degree without the continued support of our independent minded customer base, and we are sincerely thankful for your business.

Speaking of growth, as we are sure you have heard through other sources, worldwide demand for vinyl records continues to increase.  Each month we are pressing many new records for musicians who have never before released vinyl; and most of our regular customers who have been with us since our early days order nearly double the quantities they were pressing just four years ago.  The increase in consumer interest for vinyl is great for all musicians/labels/record stores; but it also creates challenges for everyone in the supply chain.

In the past 12-18 months, we have continued to augment our operation to increase capacity:

  • Our record plating operation started about one year ago, and continues to handle more of our plating needs; with plans on nearly doubling its capacity in early 2015.
  • We added another 12” pressing machine to our operation in early 2014, and are in the early planning stages of building a “new” pressing machine to add to our operation.
  • We switched to a new black vinyl formula (manufactured in the U.S.A.) in early 2014, which yields more consistent pressing results.
  • We are in the midst of construction, increasing our factory and assembly space by approximately 30 percent.
  • Clint Holley, our resident lacquer engineer, has added a second lathe and moved to a much larger studio space in town.

While we have plans to continue the expansion of our operation and the services we offer, the demand for vinyl continues to exceed the realistic rate at which growth in capacity can continue without sacrificing quality control and/or drastically increasing prices.

This year, our backlog is nearly 100,000 records higher than it was one year ago today.  Many of our customers are wisely planning releases farther and farther in advance, and we strongly encourage everyone looking to press records in 2015 to do the same.  While we certainly would like to be able to ship more records at a faster rate, we continue striving to be realistic in our turnaround time estimates, and we publish and update these estimates on our website.  We encourage you to bookmark our turnaround/scheduling webpage, and feel free to call or email us with your plans, however tentative they may be, to co-plan your release dates with us.

In closing, we want to emphasize our gratitude for the business you bring to us.  The records you have released, the jobs you have created, and the fun you have generated for folks like us leave an indelible mark in this vinyl world we live in.  Please always feel free to call/email us with feedback and/or just to say “hi”.  We look forward to keeping it independent with you for many more years to come.


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