Turnaround/Lead Time & Scheduling

Our capacity allows us to press approximately 80,000 records per month (varies a bit depending upon mix of orders, how machines are running, vinyl colors, and even the weather [big factor in the summer]).  While this capacity does not permit us to have the fastest turnarounds of any vinyl pressing plant, from day one, Gotta Groove’s mission has been to produce the highest quality vinyl records from both a sonic and aesthetic perspective at a fair price; and strive to provide industry-best customer service.  Please, feel free to call us at 800-295-0171 for more information, and we will do everything that is physically possible to try and work out a schedule that works for your project.

Very generally speaking, we advise customers to plan at least 2 months in advance for any first pressing order, throughout most of the year.  However, the more specific information below is updated continually as orders come in, so please review it carefully.



IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are limiting order quantities to a maximum of 2,000 units through March 31, 2015 to try and assist as many customers as possible to achieve the fastest turnaround possible during this very high demand period.

12″ standard weight – orders placed business week of March 2, 2015 will probably be on press sometime around the second week of June depending upon qty and color(s).*  

12″ 180 gram – orders placed business week of March 2, 2015 will probably be on press sometime around late May depending upon qty and color(s).* 

7″ — orders placed business week of March 2, 2015 will probably be on press sometime around late May depending upon qty and color(s).*


Sorry, we are not taking on any additional RSD orders.

* All dates listed on this page are approximate —  ship dates (which can fluctuate) are assuming GGR is handling lacquers, plating, and label printing — regardless of whether it is a first pressing order or a re-pressing order (see notes about this on our FAQ page).  Turnaround can vary if you are supplying any of these parts.  Also assumes you will provide necessary approvals within 2 business days of receipt of test cuts, test pressings, and/or art proofs.  Actual ship dates can vary dramatically depending upon the amount of assembly work involved on a given project in comparison with other jobs in assembly at the same time – figure 2 to 10 business days, but feel free to contact us for more specific estimates.  If you are trying to plan a specific release date and/or event, please discuss with us before committing to any date, in spite of any other information posted on this page.

Orders which are placed along with all audio and art files are always processed first.  We apologize, but it is impossible to accurately predict scheduling if we do not have all of your audio and art assets in hand.

Orders where customers are supplying print parts (especially labels) will not be scheduled until a PDF label proof is provided to GGR, and a set ship date has been provided for customer supplied print.  Again, we apologize for the stringency, but it is terribly problematic to schedule your job, and then due to delays caused by you or your outside print vendor, miss your scheduled press date. [Happens very frequently, which has caused the need for this policy. But, please call us if you have specific circumstances which may make it difficult to comply with this policy, and we are always happy to be as flexible as possible.]

General Art Processing Turn Times:

Record labels – usually baked and ready to press into records around 4-5 weeks after proof approval

Direct-to-board single pocket jackets (7″ and 12″) – usually around 4 weeks from proof approval, except qty’s less than 500, which can take 8-10 weeks

Direct-to-board gatefold jackets (7″ and 12″) – usually around 6-8 weeks from proof approval, except qty’s less than 500, which can take 8-10 weeks

Tip-On Jackets (Single Pocket and Gatefold) – usually around 11-12 weeks from proof approval

12″ Printed Innersleeves (polylined or polylaminate interior) – usually around 8-12 weeks from proof approval

All other a-la-carte art items – varies depending upon the item.

Add approx 4 weeks for die cutting / foil stamping / spot gloss / other custom work.

Add approx 4 weeks for single pocket LP jacket orders in quantities under 500 units.

These are general guidelines for when submitting your order – you can submit masters ahead of art to speed things along.  But, it is always best to submit all assets at as early a date as possible to provide us with the most flexibility in moving your pressing up in the schedule as feasible.

 General Audio Processing Turn Times:

While things can certainly move faster or slower depending upon many variables, we recommend that lacquers are CUT (either if we are cutting them in-house, or if you are supplying your lacquers from elsewhere) no later than 2 months before your pre-scheduled press date.  For most in-house lacquer cuts, this means placing your order a minimum of 3 months before your desired ship date.

If you are using our in-house lacquer services, figure that lacquers are typically cut within 4-5 weeks of when we receive your masters; or within 2 weeks of when you approve your test cut samples emailed to you (if you opted for this additional service).  (test cuts usually take 4-5 weeks)  Timelines can vary throughout the year.

Test pressings typically ship about 6-8 weeks after lacquers are cut.  Generally speaking, we run test pressings about twice per month.  Timelines can vary throughout the year, and sorry, there is no way to guarantee any specific delivery date.


Please note – all dates on this page are subject to change, so we cannot emphasize enough the need to actually talk with someone at GGR before committing to any date.  Also, please check back to this page frequently, as dates are always fluctuating (sometimes a few times per day).  While demand can fluctuate dramatically throughout the year, the capacity of the pressing equipment has its upper limit which does not change.  Therefore, you may sometimes need to order much farther in advance of when you actually need finished product.

We will always do our best to deliver by your date, or if necessary, suggest alternatives to you.  One of the worst things to happen in this biz is to have an event built around a record release, and not have the records in hand.  Please keep us informed of your plans so we can do everything in our power to help you.