Our Process

The Philosphy:

Not all records are created equal.  Our mission is to produce the highest quality vinyl records from both a sonic and aesthetic perspective at a fair price; and strive to provide industry-best customer service. We love to make and listen to records. No matter the size of the order, we provide personal service and strive for same-day responsiveness to all email and telephone inquiries.

Mastering With Care:

Applying proven traditional mastering techniques while using two completely restored Neumann VMS-70 lathes, our resident lacquer engineer Clint Holley ensures that your music is translated to the vinyl medium in the most natural manner.  When supplying digital masters, we prefer 24 bit wav files for the highest fidelity (unless our customer requests another format).  For convenient and fast previewing of your digital source audio on vinyl, we can provide test lacquer cuts samples electronically.

For analog purists (whom we love), Clint can also cut an all-analog-chain using your leadered 1/4″ master tape.  Of course, regardless of whether sources are supplied digitally or via tape, we can supply full reference acetates for review as well.

Finally, Clint’s assistant lacquer engineer Adam Boose is a seasoned mastering engineer with his own full service mastering studio.  If your source material requires remastering for vinyl, restoration, or just some fine-tuning for vinyl, Clint and Adam are well equipped and experienced to tackle even the most challenging masters.

Record Plating:

To ensure you can reproduce your records in a high-quality fashion for multiple pressing runs, we only employ 2 (or 3) step electroforming process. This allows many stampers to be created for multiple runs; and speeds along the pressing process for larger runs.  If your budget permits, we suggest ordering two sets of stampers for any order of 500 or more records.

In late 2013, Gotta Groove teamed up with QCA, Inc., the renown former vinyl pressing plant and established CD and DVD producer with a reputation for quality located in Cincinnati, Ohio to launch a new high quality record plating facility.  Through the integration of both old and new equipment, the facility went live in October 2013.  This operation is in its infancy, so stay tuned for new updates and developments!

A Truly Modern Vinyl Record Pressing Plant:

GGR has implemented some technology and processes which (quite possibly, although we can’t verify) have never been used on record pressing equipment anywhere in the world.

We have one vintage Finebilt manual press, as well as several fully automated Hamilton and SMT presses.  Each machine has been meticulously restored, or is in the process of being restored.  From the addition of all-digital temperature and pressure controls; custom-engineered molds for optimal record weight and sonic characteristics; PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) temperature-controlled pressing automation; to the consultation with NASA engineers on space-age machine improvements; all R&D and investment in our plant help to further our goal of producing the highest quality vinyl records from both a sonic and aesthetic perspective at a fair price.

Whether running a 100 or a 3,000 record order, a human being listens to portions of about every 25th record off the press – we don’t just set up a given record and let the machine run away with it. We monitor and adjust as necessary – stopping a press if necessary.  All of our records cool on stacks before being sleeved—stacking and cooling drastically reduces the risk of warping, verses sliding records directly into paper sleeves right from the press.

Every record we press is sleeved by a human being – at the end of a given order, usually at least 3 different sets of eyes and ears have inspected your records.

Finally, our standard weight 12” vinyl is 145-150 grams. While this does not affect sound quality in a measurable degree, there is something aesthetically pleasing about holding a thicker record. Of course, we also press audiophile standard 180 gram 12” records and thick 45-50 gram 7” records.

Print, Download Hosting, and Graphic Services:

Since we have our own in-house pre-press department, we can assist you (and save you expensive setup fees and shipping charges) in the preparation of your custom label, jacket, and insert artwork.  Whenever possible, we try to gang print jobs of similar specifications, and we pass these cost savings to our customers.

All of our record labels are printed on the uncoated side of the paper.  This ensures that not only the ink colors are better set (printing pms spot inks on coated paper can cause drastic color shifting under the heat of baking and pressing records); but also ensures that paper coatings are not being pressed into your records, and tremendously reduces scrap rate.  This results in the quietest records possible in terms of ambient surface noise.

Download our Price Card or Configure your own Package online.

Keep in mind we handle many custom vinyl and packaging solutions. If you don’t see what you are looking for or have a question, get in touch with Matt matt@gottagrooverecords.com or call (800) 295-0171.


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7” @ 33 1/3 RPM: 6 minutes per side.   (we can cut longer depending upon the music, however, please consult with us before placing your order).  [NOTE:  45rpm is always the best choice for a 7", if side length permits.  33rpm is more of a "compromise", and can be more prone to distortion.  Please call for more information.]

7” @ 45 RPM: 4.5 minutes per side.   (we can cut longer depending upon the music, however, please consult with us before placing your order).

12” @ 33 1/3 RPM: 18 minutes per side is ideal, 20 minutes per side is still good, 22 minutes per side may cause issues depending upon the music, anything over 22 minutes – please call us before placing your order.

12” @ 45 RPM: 12 minutes per side is ideal, 14 minutes is ok, anything over 15 minutes – please call us before placing your order.

Please!  If you have any questions regarding side length and/or mastering for vinyl, call us before you have your master prepared.  Call Matt: (800) 295-0171 or matt@gottagrooverecords.com



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