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Record Highlight — John Barera & Baltimoroder​-​Ventilato

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John Barera & Baltimoroder-Ventilato (ZAK-003 free) cover art

Ventilato is an acid house stomper from the upcoming John Barera & Friends EP on Zakim Recordings, to be released early May 2014. Tracks were written/produced by John Barera & Eric Pearson in Boston.  Mastered by Play Mastering, UK.


Record Highlight — Jerry David Decicca

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JDD album cover .jpg

After 5 critically-acclaimed full-length albums with the Black Swans, the last of which, Occasion For Song, serving as a eulogy for Noel Sayre, the friend and violinist who passed away and who DeCicca formed the band with, it was time to step out alone.

Understanding Land is the debut solo long player from Jerry David DeCicca.

These 10 songs were written in the Elephant & Castle neighborhood of London after 5 months of touring and traveling the US, Spain, Portugal, and the UK.

What began as demos, soon turned into the actual album when they were shared with double bassist Andy Hamill (Mark Murphy, Natacha Atlas, Tracey Thorn). Andy added bass and some gypsy slides. JDD sent tracks to pals Will Oldham and Kelley Deal and they both came back with sweet harmonies. The legendary Spooner Oldham (Muscle Shoals, Dylan, Neil Young) played Wurlitzer on 3 songs in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.


Record Highlight — George Taylor

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George Taylor, Goochland Virginia native, is a storyteller at heart. The inspirations of his southern roots help him craft stories about common people, raw emotions and the reality of the world around him. But instead of a written manuscript, Taylor tells his stories through an Americana soundtrack laced with a bluesy guitar and harmonica. The final product is as honest and real as music comes- no easy job in a world where the musical tug of war between artistic and commercial rages on. Taylor is an artist who remains true to his musical voice.

After releasing his debut album, TroubleTown, that musical journey led him to the Delta searching for the heart of the blues, the genre that had taken a stranglehold on him. Serendipitously, while touring Helena, Arkansas, he found himself at a live broadcast of the historic blues radio show “King Biscuit Time.” The legendary DJ Sonny Payne, upon receiving and reviewing a copy of TroubleTown, invited Taylor to do an on air interview and featured “Raining & Cold” on the show! Then he hit the road to Austin, Texas, the “live music capital of the world.” In the three years he spent in Austin, Taylor established himself as a must see performer with residencies in the area. He has opened for Dale Watson, a Texas country legend, played with the late Gene Kurtz (writer/bassist “Treat Her Right” the Roy Head hit-1965) and wowed SXSW crowds. In summer 2013 he returned home to Richmond, VA where he has shared the stage with Charles Bradley and is leaving audiences in awe along with his top notch band at shows in the region.

His new album – Rain or Shine is available April 22.


Record Highlight — Flesh & The Devils

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Flesh and The Devils is Cincinnati Garage and Punk Rock throwbacks from bands such as The Pariahs, The Long Gones, The Cincinnati Suds and The Dixie Trash. The members are Kevin Donahue on vocals, Sean Morrisey on Drums and Vocals, Kevin Hennessy on Bass, Kevin Apgar on Guitar and Stace Keeney on Guitar and organ.  The tracks on this limited edition 7 inch were recorded on an old Otari 8 track reel to Reel by Stace Keeney and Jeff Higgins. The tracks were mixed by Stace Keeney and Dan Murphy at Group Effort Studio.  Not many were made, so grab them while you can – hit up the group via facebook.


Record Highlight — Doom Asylum

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Doom Asylum - Yelling

Coming very soon from Hot Releases (and available at select live performances) – Stress Techno 12″– Outsider techno realized via modular synth, drum machine, stress by Andrew Peterson of legendary NC noise duo Yohimbe.  Check out the track “Yelling” and stay tuned to Hot Releases for shipping info on the record.


Record Highlight — Maxwell August Croy and Sean McCann

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Composed and recorded in Los Angeles and San Francisco, I is the debut full-length album by Maxwell August Croy and Sean McCann. Croy is best known for his work in Bay Area duo EN, wherein he processes koto, voice, and other instrumentation into ecstatic and nuanced drone-based recordings. McCann is a solo artist whose work continues to undergo seismic evolutions, manifested most recently on the justly lauded “Music for Private Ensemble,” an album of autodidactic modern composition that defies easy categorization. Working as a duo, Croy and McCann have successfully synthesized compositional and aesthetic tropes from their respective discographies in order to produce something extraordinary. “Parting Light (Suite)” opens the album with a flurry of koto, cello, and violin lines masterfully woven together; a complex movement that dissembles to reveal a more spacious environment in which each gesture takes on a heightened significance. Croy’s koto lends the piece an Eastern aura that is complicated by McCann’s playing which is equal parts idiosyncratic and grandiose. Elsewhere, “Alexandria” finds the duo operating at their most celestial, working their instruments into a harrowing, beautiful dirge comprised of clarion tones and wide-eyed string arrangements. Ultimately, the sensibility cultivated by Croy and McCann on I proves to be utterly unique, perhaps situated best somewhere among the soundworlds of Gavin Bryars, Taj Mahal Travellers and Richard Skelton. The LP was mastered by Rashad Becker and the jacket features exclusive monotypes by Andrew Chalk.


Record Highlight — Joshua Stamper

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the skin, the sea, the sound cover art

the skin, the sea, the sound – a new album by Joshua Stamper comes out on April 1 via Good Behavior.  Feel the cosmos grow larger in a stunning blur of pop charm and classical composition. Joshua Stamper brings his earthy and immediate baritone together with a full band.

Stream two album tracks here and pre-order it on 150-gram classic black vinyl or digital.


Record Highlight — Ghost Shirt

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Ghost Shirt is a four-piece band from Columbus, Oh that plays crunchy, sing-along chamber/power pop. It is fronted by songwriter/guitarist Branden Barnett and violin player/vocalist Samantha Kim. David Murphy on drums and Ryan Haye on Bass round out the rhythm section.  The new album – Daniel — 2-night release show starts Friday, March 28 at the Tree Bar in Columbus – the album will be played in its entirety for the final time, and the shows will feature performances from Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage and Buffalo’s The Orphans. You can also pre-order Daniel from Re-Vinyl Records now.


Record Highlight — Nyiko Beguin

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Nyiko Beguin (“nee-koh” “bay-gan”) (born November 1, 1990), better known by his middle name NYIKO, is an American recording artist, producer, and visual artist.

Growing up in a close community of artists and musicians, Beguin started writing and recording music when he was seven years old. His music has taken on many forms since he began recording, but he is often identified with the genre of electronic pop. His stage name, NYIKO, is a South African name of the Shangaan people (which means “Gift”).

His new EP/Art Book — Always Always – is available now.


Record Highlight — North Korea (NK)

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North Korea (NK)- The Basement Tapes vol 1 & 2

NK’s Basement Tapes Vol. 1 and 2 is available on vinyl for the first time ever — available now from Enjoy The Ride Records.  45rpm and completely random colors – very limited, so grab them while they are still available!  Every record contains a free digital download too.