Color Vinyl Records **Please Note: Not All Colors Are Available At All Times. Also, not all colors can be mixed together well. Finally, while we do try very hard to “match” customer color requests, we cannot guarantee desired outcome. Please always talk with us before committing to a particular color. [Split color records, Splatter records, Madness, Glitter records, Striped records, Pinwheel records (i.e., all manual press records), Engraved Etching, Vinyl Bong, Fluorescent Records all cost extra and may have other limitations. Please inquire before ordering, especially if you are unsure of what category a picture below may fall under.]


NEW COLORS!!!  Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver now available in limited quantities!








Pictures are for illustration only — actual colors can vary from one order to the next, even when using the same “formula” each time.  No two record orders run exactly the same.



Random color vinyl is just that — completely random.  Since it is recycled vinyl for the most part, we sell it at a discount.  Because we are able to mix the colors (i.e., much lower scrap and processing time), it is cheaper than the Recycled Color Shades option above.  But, we do not know exactly what colors you will wind up with, and they are going to be all over the board – no two records will look exactly alike, and you may have many distinct shades.  The following picture is an example of a random color 7 inch job.  But, we cannot stress enough that every random color job is different, so please do not take this picture as an exact replica of what your order may be.


(Surface noise 1= quietest / 8 = noisiest)

1. Standard Black

4. Transparent Colors (Blue, Green, Clear, Gold [orange], Transparent Red, Coke Clear, Fluorescent Colors)

6. Non-Mixed Opaque Colors (Pink, Red, Yellow, Violet, Brown)

7. White

7. Opaque Mix (Mixing opaque and translucent color(s) in particular; and also tend to have visible “staining” after a few hundred records, which can be seen in certain light).

7-8. Random Color / Recycled Color Shades

8. Split Color / Splatter Color / other hand-made colors

8-10. Glow In The Dark / Glitter Records

* Every record runs differently, and generally speaking, the louder the recording the less noticeable any “plastic noise” will be.  Turntables also can track color vinyl differently than black — some people report skips on color copies which do not happen on the same record if pressed on black vinyl (typically on lower-end turntables -especially those which have plastic tone arms and/or lack tracking adjustment mechanisms. Such turntables can be problematic on both black and color vinyl records). Some people say the music itself can sound slightly different on color versions vs black versions of the same record (since the grooves are the same, this likely has more to do with the turntable/cartridge being used).

In any case, there are tons of each of these colors in the marketplace, and many people do not seem to notice/mind the differences.  But, we try to be as up-front as possible in information sharing to help you make the best decision for your project.  If your utmost concern is a very quiet pressing, then you are probably better off pressing black vinyl.  Regardless of color, you can opt to purchase additional stamper sets to have us change them out more frequently — since stampers wear over the course of many pressing cycles, this can help yield a more consistent pressing throughout a production run.  There are also some things that the lacquer cutting engineer can do to help yield a quieter pressing.  Please contact us with any questions.


Please note that colors can vary – even within a single pressing.  The most prevalent thing you may notice is small black marks in the color, which is most noticeable in white and clear records.  These marks cannot be completely removed, and are just part of the record pressing process.  Runs of quantities less than 250 records of the same color and running color in 180 gram 12″ tend to exacerbate the appearance of these “smudges” “dots” and “streaks”.  Again, while we do take measures to minimize them, and if you are paying for a color setup, we do clean/change the extruder nozzle; these attributes of color vinyl pressing cannot be completely removed.

Also, please note that mixed colors can vary dramatically throughout a single pressing run.  For example, the clear purple mix above, which is not a PVC color we can purchase from the PVC supplier, but instead a mix of two color PVCs can vary – while most of the records will look completely purple, some may have a more blue or red tone, and some may be streaky.  This is just one example, but generally speaking, all mixed colors can vary like this.  Also, a mix color on one order could look a bit different on a separate order – even if repressing the same record.

Please contact us with any questions at (800) 295-0171.


Machine-run color records are “melted” in the extruder prior to being pressed in the molds on the record pressing machine.  Conversely, “hand-made” variants (such as splits, splatters, madness, pinwheels, and other extreme color variants), have PVC inserted into the molds by hand which does not pass through the extruder.  Therefore, this PVC does not melt as consistently as it would if passing through the extruder.  This causes various unavoidable issues in the hand-made color records – nonfill, noise, and chipped edges.  The lack of consistent melt temperature makes each of these imperfections an unavoidable trade-off of making such striking color variants, and therefore should be taken into account when ordering such colors.

Hand-made variants are strictly limited to 100 copies per order (sorry, no exceptions).  As noted elsewhere on this website, hand-made variants cost significantly more than machine-run colors.  So, due to the high cost and the unavoidable sound and aesthetic quality trade-offs, these color variants should be discussed with GGR prior to placing an order for them.  We urge you to call us at (800) 295-0171 before placing your order, but especially before publishing any solicitations with regard to your release.