Color Vinyl Records **Please Note: Not All Colors Are Available At All Times. Also, not all colors can be mixed together well. Finally, while we do try very hard to “match” customer color requests, we cannot guarantee desired outcome. Please always talk with us before committing to a particular color. [Split color records, Splatter records, Madness, Glitter records, Striped records, Pinwheel records (i.e., all manual press records), Engraved Etching, Vinyl Bong, Fluorescent Records all cost extra and may have other limitations. Please inquire before ordering, especially if you are unsure of what category a picture below may fall under.]



These colors are remnants and recycled records from specific color jobs we have run, and therefore available at a significant discount over “virgin” color vinyl.  Quantities are limited, and can fluctuate quickly – so please be sure to check this page often and confirm with us via phone or email BEFORE committing to any of these recycled shades.  Quantities shown are approximate, so please allow for some flexibility depending upon scrap rates.  Also, since these are recycled colors, you may see some random remnants of other colors in some records — but as a whole, they will appear as a fairly consistent shade.  Please see our price grid for pricing details.

Updated 05/20/2013

Opaque/Translucent mix “caramel” — approx 100 12″ records / 300 7″ records

***This cannot be stressed enough — please check with us verbally or via email before committing to any of the above Recycled Color Shades***

***First Come First Served.  Recycled Color Shades MUST be specified at time of order placement.  No substitutions.***



Random color vinyl is just that — completely random.  Since it is recycled vinyl for the most part, we sell it at a discount.  Because we are able to mix the colors (i.e., much lower scrap and processing time), it is cheaper than the Recycled Color Shades option above.  But, we do not know exactly what colors you will wind up with, and they are going to be all over the board – no two records will look exactly alike, and you may have many distinct shades.  The following picture is an example of a random color 7 inch job.  But, we cannot stress enough that every random color job is different, so please do not take this picture as an exact replica of what your order may be.



Pictures are for illustration only — actual colors can vary from one order to the next, even when using the same “formula” each time.  No two record orders run exactly the same.



(Surface noise 1= quietest / 8 = noisiest)

1. Standard Black

2. Transparent Colors (Blue, Green, Clear, Gold [orange], Transparent Red, Coke Clear, Fluorescent Colors)

3. Non-Mixed Opaque Colors (Pink, Red, Yellow, Violet, Brown)

4. White

5. Opaque Mix (Mixing opaque and translucent color(s) in particular; and also tend to have visible “staining” after a few hundred records, which can be seen in certain light).

6. Random Color / Recycled Color Shades

7. Split Color / Splatter Color / other hand-made colors

8. Glow In The Dark / Glitter Records

* Every record runs differently, and generally speaking, the louder the recording the less noticeable any surface noise will be.  Also, there are tons of each of these colors in the marketplace, and many people do not seem to notice/mind the differences.  But, we try to be as up-front as possible in information sharing to help you make the best decision for your project.  Please contact us with any questions.